The Gold Standard.. This brand is for US!
The Gold Standard.. This brand is for US!
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Heater/Propane - Donation
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Heater/Propane - Donation

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Hey #Breadwinners, on Saturday we had the honor of meeting some amazing men & women who reside at ‘Tent City’ on the southside of Chicago. Our goal was to assemble new tents and food (sandwiches) with However, while talking to them, we listened to what their exact needs are. They really need space heaters, propane tanks, and blankets to keep warm!

We are inspired to do more! And we’re going to challenge our #Breadwinners to join us as we work towards providing a more comfortable living environment for our new friends at Tent City. This is a temporary fix and we will continue to partner with @nationalunionofthehomeless to eradicate homelessness and hopefully provide permanent housing.

If you would like to donate toward this cause, please click here. We’ll be following up with more info on our next visit. Please join us! 

Your donation today provides a "Buddy" portable indoor safe heater and two propane tanks. The Black Bread Co (Black Bread Foundation) in conjunction with the National Union of the Homeless & I Am Dream, will purchase and distribute your donated items across the city of Chicago in 'Tent Cities' this winter season. 

Donation Description:

Heater - $79.97 (Home Depot), Propane $9.97 (Home Depot)


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