You Are a Part of Black History Today
You Are a Part of Black History Today
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive my loaves of bread? Also, will my bread arrive in great condition?
A: Our standard shipping time is 2-3 days, possibly sooner depending on the state you’re located in. Also, all loves of bread are packaged with extreme care to ensure pristine condition upon arrival.
Q: Do you all ship to my address?
A: Yes, we ship everywhere in the U.S.
Q: Will you all offer more types of bread?
A: Yes, we will be providing more options, very soon.
Q: Is your bread bleached?
A: No, all of our bread products are unbleached.
Q: Is your company 100% Black-owned.
A: Yes, The Black Bread Company is 100% Black-owned.
Q: Is my bread guaranteed with the subscriptions package?
A: Yes, anyone that enrolls in our ‘Private Bread Club’ subscription package will have the option to receive their loaves of bread bi-weekly or monthly.