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 #BreadWinners Exciting News…
We are proud to announce that our official Black Bread Company equity crowdfunding campaign is LIVE on StartEngine, NOW. Have you considered  investing in an impactful brand? Click on our campaign page to learn about your opportunities to invest: This brand is for US  #100Years100Reasons #Invest 
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The Black Bread Company is offering 10% equity to the public. The minimum buy-in for shares is $250. Charles Alexander, Co-Founder says, "We were intentional with having a low minimum in order to give everyone an opportunity to buy shares regardless of their economic status." One of our mantras is 'This brand is for US' and we wholeheartedly stand by this statement. It is our hope that everyone, regardless of race, gender, or economic class will join our Breadwinners community as investors. We believe that with the additional capital support, together we will make The Black Bread Company one of the top bread companies in the world!